Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair

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Very interesting podcast

The 'Trusttalks' are definitely worth listening to. What makes these interviews so unique is that they show that ‘trust' is relevant in so many areas. People lay trust in the food industry, the judiciary system, the functioning of companies, but also in sport coaches who help their pupils through new insights. All of these examples are based on a different dimension of trust. I highly recommend listening to the whole podcast serie but, for me personally, 'Regaining trust in Journalism' and 'Trust, vitamin S and Well-Being', were quite an eye-opener.

Agnes van Rossum
The Netherlands

Started recently but a very topical subject

A super interesting podcast with a very topical subject as a theme. Admittedly just started but very promising! TrustTalk, continue, we want to hear more of you!

In-depth interviews on trust and governance.

Very refreshing to hear a genuinely interested host conducting in-depth interviews. High-profile and interesting guests. Thanks to Severin de Wit for making this podcast!
The Netherlands

Must listen for those interested in technology and politics

Great show for everyone interested in technology and day to day politics.

Rick Schmitz
The Netherlands

Great podcast!

Very interesting podcast and highly relevant, especially considering the current developments with COVID-19 and the US elections.

Johan van der Velden

Great podcast with inspiring guests

If you listen to the interviews you realize how big a role trust plays in your life

The Netherlands

Very Informative

These podcasts are really great to listen too. Really the nuanced story in this world that is too black and white.

Willem Leppink
The Netherlands

Well-selected, interesting quests

Excellent podcast with interesting guests and relevant topics. The host Severin asks the right questions and is genuinely interested, which makes for pleasant listening.

The Netherlands

Love this podcast very informative

Influential guests for interviews and extraordinary views on the many faces of trust

Center for Trust Studies

Very informative

The trusttalks are very informative for a wide audience. As an auditor I can recommend it to all audit professionals.

Jos van der Zwan
The Netherlands