Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair


Trusted Imperative

    Mar 9, 2023   0 Min read
Our guest today is Emily Frolick, lead partner of KPMG’s “Trusted Imperative”, a new, proactive, strategic approach to risk management that creates a powerful platform for growth and innovation. By inspiring trust in customers, investors, employees, suppliers, communities and regulators,

The Human Psyche and Trust

    Feb 23, 2023   1 Min read
David Dunning, a social psychology professor at the University of Michigan and best known for the “Dunning-Kruger effect”, talks in this new episode if the TrustTalk podcast about trust being a rational decision in an irrational world. He discusses the

Measuring Trust

    Feb 9, 2023   1 Min read
Our guest today is Paul Bauer, a research associate at the Mannheim Center for European Social Research (Germany). He wrote his doctoral thesis on trust in 2015, and is particularly interested in the methodological side of trust research. In some

Rebuild Trust between Science and Society

    Jan 26, 2023   1 Min read
Today’s guest, Robert Lepenies, the youngest university President in Europe, believes that there are major economic and political interests that fuel the denial of science. We should focus not only on the symptoms but also on the deeper underlying structures

Trust and the Role of Central Banks

    Jan 12, 2023   0 Min read
Trust in Central Banks is critical for the effectiveness of a monetary policy, and for reaching price stability. Today’s guests, Carin van der Cruijsen (senior researcher at De Nederlandsche Bank, the Central Bank of the Netherlands) and Jakob de Haan

Santa Claus’ Christmas interview

    Dec 24, 2022   0 Min read
It’s almost Christmas Eve and TrustTalk is very proud to have Santa Claus as our guest sharing with us some thoughts about building trust in challenging times. We ask Santa to give us a bit of advice on how we

Trust & Internet Data

    Dec 15, 2022   1 Min read
Highlights: 🔸 originally security was just not built into the internet 🔸 free internet comes at a price, consider the flip sides 🔸 the privacy paradox: even when people learn about the risks of sharing data, there’s little evidence that they use it

Trust Yourself

    Dec 9, 2022   0 Min read
Why become some people a chess master and most of us don’t? The best way to trust yourself is to go out and try things, trust and understand why there is some you are good at and some things you

Does Gen Z still trust?

    Nov 30, 2022   0 Min read
Gen Z is more activist and at the same time less optimistic and disenfranchised about their future, they have diminishing trust in meeting sustainability goals, and their prospect to flourish as well as to make a political impact. Half of

Interorganizational Trust

    Nov 10, 2022   1 Min read
As the ultimate expert on the role of trust between organizations, Professor Reinhard Bachmann talks about the importance of risk and vulnerability: you do not need to trust if you are not vulnerable, nor if you want to avoid any

Trust & the Future of Democracy

    Oct 27, 2022   1 Min read
Our guest today is Francis Fukuyama. He is the Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and a faculty member of the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law, and a professor of

Trifecta of Trust

    Oct 12, 2022   0 Min read
In his book, Trifecta of Trust, psychometrics and leadership expert Joseph R. Folkman has collected compelling data to make the case for the value of trust in leadership. His research shows that there are three core behaviors that create and

Trust Elevates Performance

    Sep 28, 2022   0 Min read
Today’s guests are Deloitte‘s Michael Bondar and Natasha Buckley. Michael is a principal in Deloitte’s Advisory Business and the US and global leader of Deloitte’s Enterprise Trust Practice. Natasha is a senior manager at the Deloitte Centre for Integrated Research.

Trust & CEO Excellence

    Sep 14, 2022   1 Min read
Today’s guest is Sander Smits, senior partner at McKinsey Amsterdam. He talks about the book “CEO Excellence”. The consultancy firm interviewed over 2.400 CEOs out of their database, from which they selected 67 “Excellent CEOs” for the book. He talks about

Edelman’s Trust Research

    Aug 30, 2022   0 Min read
Our guest today is Tonia Ries, Executive Director of Thought Leadership for the Edelman Trust Institute. For more than 20 years Edelman has been publishing the Edelman Trust Barometer on the status of trust in four institutions: business, government, NGOs,

Trusted Coaching

    Aug 16, 2022   1 Min read
Our guest today is Reinhard Stelter, Professor of Sport- and Coaching Psychology at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He advocates a new form of coaching as a transformational dialogue, one that fosters trust between the coach and the dialogue partner

What can Robotics and AI teach us about Trust?

    Jul 15, 2022   1 Min read
As a researcher in AI and robotics, Professor Benjamin Kuipers, in this interview, sees increasing applications of AI in our society. It is natural to wonder whether the behavior of these artificially intelligent systems should somehow be governed by ethics.

Trust and Global Cooperation

    Jun 28, 2022   0 Min read
Our guest today is Jason Rhys Parry, Senior Content R&D at Sapienship, the global social impact company, founded by Yuval Noah Harari and Itzik Yahav and headed by Naama Avital. Sapienship’s mission is to focus global attention on the most

A Trustworthy Government

    Jun 15, 2022   0 Min read
Our guest today is Margaret Levi, professor of Political Science and Director of the Centre for Advanced Study in the Behavioural Sciences at Stanford University. She talks about her upbringing in a middle-class Jewish suburb, how the protest marches she was

Trusted Finance

    May 31, 2022   0 Min read
In today’s interview with Peter Sieradzki, former CEO of the private bank InsingerGilissen, he talks about trust built on institutional processes, the breaches of trust in corporations and banks, the role of integrity and sustainability in the banking business, and

Net Positive Companies Build Trust

    May 4, 2022   0 Min read
Andrew Winston, the co-author of the book “Net Positive”, talks about the challenges that lay ahead and the limited time we have to contribute to the world’s problems. A net positive company improves the well-being of everyone they impact and

Trust Solutions and The New Equation

    Apr 19, 2022   0 Min read
Today’s guest is Wes Bricker, US Vice-Chair and US Trust Solutions Co-Leader of PwC. He served as Chief Accountant at the US Security Exchange Commission. In this interview he talks about PwC’s project “The New Equation” and the two most

Trust Science or the Scientist?

    Apr 12, 2022   0 Min read
The Covid pandemic has learned us that we have to rely on science, at the same time when scientists appear in public they are often criticized and mistrusted. In this interview, Roberto Gronda (University of Pisa, Italy) explains why this

Food Trust

    Mar 31, 2022   0 Min read
In this interview with Moira Dean, Professor in consumer psychology and food security at Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK). We talk about her research into consumer food choices, food safety, food fraud, risk perceptions, and food supply chain

International Relations, Diplomacy & Trust

    Feb 26, 2022   0 Min read
This interview with Richard Ned Lebow, Professor of International Political Theory at the Department of War Studies at King’s College in London, was taken, just before Russia invaded Ukraine. We talked about trust in international relations, about the view that

How to Effectively Regain Trust?

    Feb 10, 2022   1 Min read
When companies or politicians break trust, it takes three equally important steps to repair trust. As a professor of management practice at Harvard Business School and co-writer of the book “The Power of Trust: How Companies Build It, Lose It,

Trusted B-Lab & B-Corp companies

    Feb 7, 2022   0 Min read
Today’s guest is entrepreneur Leen Zevenbergen. Together with Marcello Palazzi, he started the non-profit organization “B Lab”, with the idea that a different kind of economy was not only possible but necessary and that business could lead the way towards

Trust Responsible Drug Use

    Jan 27, 2022   0 Min read
In this interview with Carl Hart, professor of neuroscience at Columbia University, New York, he sets out his belief that the way we think about drugs and addiction is wrong and prevents society to live up to its ideals of

Trusted Digital Identity

    Jan 13, 2022   1 Min read
Jacoba Sieders is among the top experts on digital identity in Europe. In this second interview with her (the first one was published on April 18, episode 17) she talks about the three phases of how digital identity developed over

Trust Development and Conflict Management

    Dec 31, 2021   1 Min read
Roy Lewicki, the Irving Abramowitz Memorial Professor Emeritus at the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. He is a leading scholar in the study of trust development and trust repair, negotiation, and conflict management processes. Trust repair is a critical part

Trust and the Food Safety Challenge

    Dec 9, 2021   0 Min read
Can we trust the world to be able to feed 10 billion mouths in 2050? In this interview with Robert van Gorcom, director of Wageningen Food Safety Research he talks about the means to feed the world in 30 years

Trust and the Moral Molecule

    Nov 25, 2021   0 Min read
Paul Zak is a professor at Claremont Graduate University in Southern California and the Founder of Immersion Neuroscience. He talks about the neuroscience of trust. His experiments researching the neurochemical oxytocin (the “Trust Molecule”) show that most humans are biologically

How to handle Distrust in Organizations?

    Nov 11, 2021   0 Min read
Maikel Batelaan, consultant and co-author of the book “Why Should I Trust You” talks about the ideal of every organization: smooth collaboration. In practice, it is more unruly. After all, there are always complex problems that need to be solved.

Trust and Military Leadership

    Oct 29, 2021   0 Min read
Admiral Bauer is NATO’s most senior military officer. In his first podcast interview he talks about the crucial role of trust in the military training and operations, about his years at the Naval Academy and the international retreat from Afghanistan, about

Trust and Cybersecurity

    Oct 12, 2021   0 Min read
Paul Timmers talks about trust and cybersecurity. Cyber threats undermine trust in the daily practice of working with digital systems and in geopolitical relations. But even if we should increase our control of digital technologies, some myths about digital sovereignty

Trust and Teamwork

    Sep 21, 2021   0 Min read
In this interview with trust researcher Bart de Jong he focuses on the impact of trust on teams in organizational settings, about the difference in hierarchy or rank among team members. Trust building in a team should not be a

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Trust

    Sep 8, 2021   0 Min read
Deep trust and high expectations are set to be two pillars of high-performing cultures and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is essential to both. It is said that when leaders set high expectations without the EQ necessary to create trust, they breed

Trusted Leadership

    Jul 16, 2021   0 Min read
David Horsager is a global expert on trust and CEO of Trust Edge Leadership Institute where the mission is to develop trusted leaders and organizations. Trust is a fundamental, bottom-line issue. Without it, leaders lose teams, salespeople lose sales, and

Trust in negotiations and dispute resolution

    Jul 1, 2021   0 Min read
In this interview negotiation experts, Bob Bordone and Tim Masselink explain what it takes to build trust during negotiations. Negotiation includes any intent, any effort, any set of communications to influence or to persuade. So embedded under negotiation are things

Trust, a Key Factor in a Law Firm

    Jun 15, 2021   1 Min read
Interview with Jeroen Ouwehand. He is Global Senior Partner of the international law firm Clifford Chance. In this role, he not only represents 580 partners but also chairs the Partnership Council but he is above all the ambassador for the

Trust and the pharmaceutical industry

    Jun 11, 2021   1 Min read
AstraZeneca, frequently in the news because of its Covid-19 vaccine, is more commonly known for its oncology medicines. The pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated and interviewing a corporate officer obviously is walking on your toes. TrustTalk podcast host Severin de

The Research Challenge of Trust

    Jun 1, 2021   0 Min read
Interview with professor Guido Möllering, director and Chair of Management at the Reinhard Mohn Institute at the Witten-Herdecke University in Witten, Germany, and editor-in-chief of the “Journal of Trust Research”. Is trust a useful subject for research as it is

Trust and the Promise of Blockchain

    May 18, 2021   0 Min read
In this interview, Jaya Klara Brekke talks about the politics of blockchain technology and whether it solves the problem of power, how a technology that was meant to be “neutral” tends to ignore the fact that engineers and developers making

Regaining Trust in Journalism

    May 4, 2021   0 Min read
Interview with Judit Neurink, an independent journalist who lived and worked in the Middle East. Trust is of great importance in her field of work. When training young journalists in Iraq she warned them that if they lie to their

Identity, Security and Zero Trust

    Apr 18, 2021   0 Min read
Interview with Jacoba Sieders, Independent digital identity thought leader. In her view, controls and architectures to protect our important information need to be adjusted to a new reality of “zero trust”: data is distributed and in transit everywhere, across safe

Trust and the Judiciary

    Apr 3, 2021   0 Min read
Interview with Geert Corstens. As a former President of the Netherlands Supreme Court, he made great efforts to improve and maintain trust in the judiciary by advocating more openness in publishing judgments, press summaries, and giving interviews, which was not

Economic Insecurity and Trust

    Mar 21, 2021   1 Min read
Interview with Ian Shapiro, Sterling Professor of Political Science at Yale University. In his view, the underlying problem of increased mistrust is economic: the disappearance of long-term employment security, the decline of middle-class incomes, and the downward mobility of many

The Trusted Advisor

    Mar 7, 2021   0 Min read
Interview with Charles H. Green, co-author of the seminal book “The Trusted Advisor” (2001) talks about the trust paradoxes, the shift from trust as a personal attribute to reputation and branding. Is making a genuine connection harder using on-screen connectivity

The Trust Gap

    Feb 23, 2021   0 Min read
We interview Steven Heywood, General Manager of Edelman in The Netherlands, known for the annual Edelman Trust Barometer. The 2021 findings of the Edelman Trust Barometer show an alarming divergence in trust between two distinct groups of people, the “informed public”

Trust, Vitamin S, and Well-Being

    Feb 20, 2021   0 Min read
Interview with Paul van Lange, Professor of Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on trust. He discusses the importance of social contact, which he and his co-author Simon Columbus frame in terms of “Vitamin S”, arguing that brief encounters with

Enterprise Risk and Trust

    Feb 7, 2021   0 Min read
Interview with two partners of EY, the global accounting and consulting firm, Will Weerts and Tonny Dekker. Risk management is a key element of any management role. The ability to identify risks before they arise, and then plan a strategy to deal

Brands, Marketing & Trust

    Jan 23, 2021   1 Min read
Today’s guest is Kent Grayson, associate professor of Marketing at Kellogg School of Management and co-founder of The Trust Project. Many academics study trust but there is a need to bridge the language used by academics and business people and

The Covid-19 Vaccines, Trust and Public Health

    Jan 8, 2021   1 Min read
Interview with Harvard Professor Barry R. Bloom. He speaks about trust and public health aspects and of the Covid-19 virus vaccines, its development, and distribution, about the differences with developing vaccines against diseases like polio, influenza, and pneumonia. He blames

Corporate Culture and Gaining Trust

    Dec 20, 2020   0 Min read
Interview with Hélène Vletter-van Dort. She is professor in Financial Law and Corporate Governance at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She is member of Supervisory Boards of financial services company NN (formerly known as Nationale Nederlanden) and The Dutch Public

How important is trust in Corporate Governance?

    Nov 30, 2020   1 Min read
Interview with prof. Jaap Winter, one of Europe’s leading experts on corporate governance on the importance of trust. He contributed to the first corporate governance rules in The Netherlands, “Code Tabaksblat”. He talks about the “Agency theory” and “substantial variable

Global Institutions and Technology-Mediated Trust

    Nov 15, 2020   1 Min read
Dr. Balázs Bodó, researcher at the Institute of Information Law at the University of Amsterdam, describes 3 dimensions of “technology-mediated trust”. The known and unknown risks of new technologies, how we interact with these technologies, and whether they are trustworthy.

The role of communications

    Nov 3, 2020   0 Min read
Interview with Marike Westra, Chief Communications Officer at COFRA, a privately held 6th generation family business on the central role of trust in communications. She believes communication is fundamental in creating trust in both business and brands. The interview touches

How do managers trust “unsolicited advice”?

    Sep 11, 2020   0 Min read
Interview with management consultant and former SVP at Royal AholdDelhaize, Kiki Stiemer. She talks about her research while at INSEAD, the role of trust in relation to unsolicited advice senior managers (CEO’s and Board Members) receive from an employee or

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Trust

    Aug 5, 2020   0 Min read
Interview with Rick Schmitz, CEO of Netherlands based LTO Network, provider of a secure, blockchain based, GDPR and compliant platform for companies that rely on trustworthy contract certification, data sharing, process automation, and collaboration. We talk about the importance of

Digital Trust

    Jul 22, 2020   0 Min read
Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data (2.5 with 17 zeros!) are created every single day. Facebook, Google, Amazon have vast amounts of data. Do we trust the data being used in a way we can control or consent to? How