Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair

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A donation request for the TrustTalk podcast? Why am I asking for your help?

I am passionate about trust, so I decided to explore how trust works, how it is built, broken, and repaired, and how it influences many aspects of our life. That’s is why I started in 2020 with the podcast TrustTalk. Meanwhile, 34 episodes have been published and I hope you enjoyed listening to the podcasts.

Trust is everywhere. Most likely you have come across trust issues yourself, in your profession, your work, your family, or with friends. , trust in the food you eat, trust the politicians in your community, and so on.

I interview experts from all over the world with strong views on, or experiences with, trust. We had a psychology professor explaining about “Vitamin-S” and the need for social contact, we had notable trust experts telling about their research, we had a high ranking NATO military officer as well as a specialist in communications, a Harvard professor speaking about trust in medical science, a former Supreme Court judge, a neuroscience specialist researching what causes a person to trust, a corporate expert speaking about the role of trust in corporations and employment situations and a lot more.

TrustTalk is a non-profit project. Making a podcast requires a sizable investment to produce. I intend to interview more guests for the TrustTalk podcast.  To continue what I do, I would very much welcome your help.  To continue with that project, I would warmly welcome a donation.

Your DONATION helps me a lot to make more episodes in 2022 and 2023. Thank you very much for your support!