Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair

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Trust Matters

Trust is like water. We can’t do without it, because it shapes daily life, our beliefs how we relate to friends and family and how we function as a human being.Trust is an all-encompassing phenomenon. Trust confronts us, we experience it, we feel it, we talk about it. But what is it? How is trust built and how does it disappear? How is lost trust rebuilt? What role does trust play in the way we work together, in politics, economy, health, in professional encounters? How does trust influence the way we inetract? Everyone has an idea of what trust entails, precisely because it touches and shapes people every day, but what is it? That’s why I make the podcast TrustTalk: to talk to people of different origins, personalities, experiences and knowledge about the role of trust. Over time, we will cover all aspects of trust in the TrustTalk podcast

Twice a month we publish an interview with someone who eitehr researched trust, experienced or worked in trust relationships, or have strong feelings about trust.

A bit about me

As a husband, married for over 30 years with a fantastic wife, a father of two daughters I have reached the age where I no longer make 10 hours a day as a partner in international lawfirms or managing partner of a consulting firm in intellectual property, the area of expertise I have been working in for more than 30 years. I found the time and good spirit to discover the things that fascinate me, like the role of trust. Want to know more of me? Visit

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